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What is a news feed?
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What is a News Feed?

A news feed (also known as an RSS feed) is a listing of a website's content. It is updated whenever new content is published to the site. News readers "subscribe" to news feeds, which means they download lists of stories at an interval that you specify (every 30 minutes, for example), and present them to you in your news reader. A news feed might contain a list of story headlines, a list of excerpts from the stories, or a list containing each story from the website ('s news feeds contain story excerpts). All news feeds will have a link back to the website, so if you see a headline / excerpt / story you like, you can click on the link for that piece of content and will be taken to the website to read it.

How can I subscribe to news feeds?
To view one of the feeds in your RSS Aggregator:
1. Copy the URL/shortcut that corresponds to the topic that interests you.
2. Paste the URL into your reader.

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