Racquet Review: Dunlop Biomimetic Max 200G

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | July 26, 2012

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Dunlop Biomimetic Max200G_McEnroeMSRP: $210
HEAD SIZE: 98 sq. inches
LENGTH: 27 in.
WEIGHT: 11.6 oz.
FLEXIBILITY: Firm to Stiff
IDEAL SWING: Medium to Long
NTRP: 4.5+
*NOTE: Values represent strung frames.

The Pitch
Still the racquet of choice for John McEnroe, the Biomimetic Max 200G features a series of synthetic systems that Dunlop claims improves performance by enhancing processes observed in nature. According to the company, these biomimetic technologies include Aeroskin, a surface application inspired by sharkskin that improves aerodynamics for more racquet-head speed, and HM6 Carbon, a honeycomb-like, high-modulus carbon fiber that dampens vibration for comfort and power.

How It Tested
Playtesters with games built around all-court precision and guile reveled in the Max 200G’s combination of power, control, and racquet-head speed. Remarked one 4.5 playtester with a semi-Western forehand and one-handed backhand, “I really felt like I had a fine tool in my hands that I could use to create angles and place the ball around the court. There was some weight behind shots, but the stick wasn’t so heavy as to limit its quickness and maneuverability.”

What’s more, playtesters who valued net play enjoyed the racquet’s firm feel. “It was stiff enough for stability on hard-hit shots,” said the same 4.5 playtester. “But it wasn’t so stiff that there wasn’t any feedback.” And in a similar vein, many old-schoolers accustomed to a firmer handle feel appreciated the racquet’s stock leather grip. But if there was one knock against the 200G, it was its average ability to defend against hard, heavy spin from deep behind the baseline. A few baseline retrievers noted that, at times, they wished the stick's beam was a bit thicker and more rigid. 

How It Looks
Like a camouflaged gecko sitting atop a branch…in a way. 

Bottom Line
For creative all-courters with fast swings who want a blend of power and control.

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