Question of the Day: Looking for Leather

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | October 31, 2012

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I read your piece explaining the uses of leather power pads, and was wondering where I could purchase some for myself. Thanks for your time and any recommendations.—Frank Smilovic


One reputable racket from which to buy stringing gear, including power pads, is Baselines Racquet Sports (also known as Grand Slam Stringers). For ten dollars plus shipping, B.R.S. will send you a package of Kimony Stick-on Power Pads, which includes five strips of leather, each measuring eight inches long and 5/16th in. wide. Conveniently, Kimony’s pads ship with an adhesive backing, making it much easier to string them onto the grommets. (Although in strips, you must section the pads yourself.)

A second option from Baselines is their GSS Power Pads, which includes two 48-in. strips that measure 3/8th in. wide. The GSS leather eschews adhesive for what looks to be a more rougher, more traditional finish. If anything, it appears folksier. (“This leather is literally hand cut in the mountains of Virginia,” B.R.S. states.)

Otherwise, Frank, you can always cut up a leather grip into your own power pads. Hold the knife steady, and…actually, save yourself the trouble and just burn $10 on the pads. Given that you’ll only use about six or seven squares per string job, a roll of the stuff should last you nearly a dozen jobs, if not more.

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