Product Profile: Avex Autoseal Water Bottle

by: Richard Pagliaro December 26, 2012



Reliable water bottles are like elite tennis players: They don’t blow their tops under pressure. Designed for athletes and multi-taskers in perpetual motion, Avex water bottles keep a secure lid on their contents thanks to its Autoseal. It's easy to use: Flip open the spout shield, press the Autoseal release button, and drink up. Even if you forget to close the spout shield after drinking, the technology automatically defaults to the closed position, sealing the spout, preventing leakage, and denying dirt entry.

Made with FDA-approved, BPA-free materials, the bottles are devoid of the plastic aftertaste and odor some water bottles emit. A clip-on handle built into the lid can be used to clip the bottle to your backpack or bag. The lid is top-rack dishwasher safe.

The 25 oz. plastic bottle, which comes in blue, charcoal, citrus, and pink, costs $14.99 and is available now. Two new versions of the bottle are set for February launch: A 32 oz. plastic bottle, available in blue and charcoal and ideal for players who play longer matches or practices, will retail for $15.99; a 24 oz. stainless steel model will retail for $29.99. The insulated, stainless steel version with a blue lid will keep beverages cold for 20 hours, according to Avex.

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