Product Profile: Gamma RZR 105

by: Richard Pagliaro January 01, 2013

Tags: The Pro Shop

MSRP: $204.99
Available: February 1, 2013
Head Size: 105 sq. in.
Length: 27.25 in.
Weight*: 10.4 oz.
Beam Width: 24-26-22 mm
String Pattern: 16 x 19
NTRP: 3.5-4.5

*Values represent strung frames.

Facts: Black Racquet Labs, which researched and developed the Gamma RZR line, says the use of MCarbon, “a composite matrix”, increases strength throughout the frame to provide “maximum power transfer.” The RZR series applies Gamma’s advanced aerodynamics technology, designed to “allow each RZR racquet to channel and displace air allowing more acceleration and speed in the natural swing,” according to Gamma.

Recessed grommet channels allow air to flow over the frame with minimal drag. A tapered bridge beam is built to channel air through the throat, aiding acceleration. And its extended length—a quarter-inch longer than standard racquets—can aid reach on serve, overheads, and in the front-court reaching for those tricky reflex stab volleys.

Impressions: If you play your best tennis standing on the baseline and trading big blows—or you’re looking for a racquet that will help amp up your power level against heavier hitters—you can find a capable accomplice in the RZR 105. This is a stiffer stick (70 RA), which can translate to punishing power.

This racquet offers ample amounts of spin in a lighter, longer package with an aggressive black-and-yellow cosmetic. It won’t produce quite the same precision as Gamma’s other new 2013 entry—the thinner-beam RZR 95, an all-courter’s stick—but the RZR 105 delivers on its promise to help intermediate players produce more stick and spin on their shots.

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