Product Profile: Yonex VCore Xi 100 Lite

by: Richard Pagliaro January 05, 2013

Tags: The Pro Shop

MSRP: $240
Available: January 4, 2013
Head Size: 100 sq. in.
Length: 27 in.
Weight: 10.4 oz.
Balance: 2 pts. HH
Beam Width: 24-24-22 mm
String Pattern: 16 x 19
Swingweight: 288
NTRP: 3.0 to 4.0

*Values represent strung frames.

Facts: Yonex packs its latest technologies into a light frame, giving younger players and beginners entry into the VCore series. The distinctive, somewhat rectangular Extra Isometric (Xi) head shape is built to broaden the sweet spot by increasing the number of main and cross strings that meet in the middle of the head. Spin potential is enhanced by the open string pattern. Micro Core material, a higher density foaming urethane injected into the top and upper hoop of the frame, adds vibration absorption and power.

This is a head-heavy frame, unlike the new VCore Xi 100 and VCore Xi 98, which are both head light. Deeper grooves embedded in the 3-D Vector shaft are built to provide “20 percent more face stability than a conventional racquet,” according to Yonex.

Impressions: Beginners, juniors, and baseliners with shorter swings should appreciate the VCore Xi 100 Lite the most. This is the younger sibling of the VCore Xi 100—it’s nearly an ounce lighter—but it isn't as stable, nor did it deliver the same heavy ball or consistent depth. For those reasons, it’s preferable to play test both the 100 and 100 Lite to see which suits your style best. If you’re a lighter player or simply prefer lightweight racquets, then the 100 Lite may be your frame of choice.

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