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by: | May 21, 2013

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Clockwise, from top-left: Babolat Aero Line Racquet Holder X12, Wilson Blade Backpack, Nike Max Air Ultimatum All-Weather Duffel Bag, Head Novak Djokovic Tower, Yonex Tournament Active Series 8326 6-Pack, Life Is Tennis Cinnamon Weave Elite Convertible

Babolat Aero Line Racquet Holder X12
MSRP: $120

Babolat’s Aero Line Racquet Holder features three main compartments that can fit up to 12 sticks, as well as additional compartments for shoes and accessories. (In order to protect your string bed against tension loss, one racquet compartment is insulated against extreme temperatures.) Part and parcel of the new Aero X12 is its Intelligent Strap System: Its design allows for the backpack-style straps to retract like a seatbelt when not in use, making for easier access to your stuff. You can also personalize the bag by creating your own label at Babolat’s Web site.

Dunlop Biomimetic Tour 10 Thermo
MSRP: $99

Dunlop’s Tour 10 Thermo has three thermal-resistant compartments that, together, can hold up to ten racquets. It also includes a pocket for stashing shoes or wet clothing, as well as a side-panel area with internal pouches perfect for a phone or other valuables. Padded, ergonomic shoulder straps make everything easier to bear. The Tour 10s are available in green, blue, yellow and red colors.

Gamma Tour Racquet Bag
MSRP: $90

With its three large compartments, one of which is thermal-lined to protect against heat and rain, the Tour Racquet Bag can fit up to 12 racquets; those who only carry a few sticks will find there’s plenty of space for shoes, apparel and whatever else. Two smaller pockets can enclose modern necessities like phones or keys, and cushioned backpack straps make for easy transport. For your health’s sake, the bag is made from PVC-free materials.

Head Novak Djokovic Tower
MSRP: $115

Novak Djokovic’s bag of choice, the Tower’s central moisture and temperature-protecting compartment can carry up to five racquets. Four more compartments—two large, two small—can stow additional racquets, clothes, shoes and other remnants. Unique to the Djokovic Tower is its spring-loaded, golf bag-style fold-out stand, which supports the bag upright for easier access and a cleaner bag. And like Head’s Tour Team Combi, the Tower is made from PVC-free materials.

Pacific BasaltX Pro Racquet Bag 2XL
MSRP: $80

The Pacific Pro Racquet is designed with the committed tournament player in mind: Numerous generously sized pockets allow you to organize your personal items, and there’s a separate breathable compartment for your shoes and wet clothing. It also has heat-resistant sleeves, built into two of the compartments, which aim to prevent your strings from getting fried. Finally, like all serious tennis bags these days, Pacific’s includes ergonomic, cushioned backpack straps.

Tecnifibre Pro ATP Monster Thermobag
MSRP: $139

According to Tecnifibre, ATP player Janko Tipsarevic spent an estimated 1,200 hours on court and traveled more than 60,00 miles around the world in 2012. To be sure, that kind of schedule takes a toll on gear; accordingly, Tecnifibre says durability factors into their design. Constructed from black tarpaulin, the Thermobag features two racquet compartments (one of which is thermally insulated), in addition to several accessory pockets (two of which are waterproof).

Volkl Super Tour 12 Pack
MSRP: $120

Volkl’s top-of-the-line racquet pack, the Super Tour provides ample space for all your game-day gear: Three main compartments (one of which is thermally lined) can stow up to a dozen racquets, and additional sections can put away shoes and other accessories. What’s more, the backpack straps are padded for comfort, while middle and end grab handles assist with quick transportation.

Wilson Tour 15 Pack
MSRP: $100

Wilson’s Tour 15 Pack can cache 15 sticks. It features ThermoGuard and MoistureGuard, Wilson’s tried-and-true bag technologies designed to shield sensitive string jobs and frames from extreme temperatures and weather. The bag comes in red, in addition to black, navy and white colors. It’s also constructed from environmentally friendly, PVC-free materials.

Yonex Tournament Active Series 8326 6-Pack
MSRP: $64

The Yonex 8326 offers a lightweight, flashy design that can easily stash six racquets. Like Yonex’s Pro Series bag, the 8326 sports plush backpack straps and quick-grab handles for comfort and convenience. The 8326 is offered in lime green/black, as well as red/black and royal blue/black color combinations.

Asics Court Diva Backpack
MSRP: $88

Asics’ streamlined backpack is ideal for the tennis diva who likes to travel light. The front compartment holds up to two racquets and features a clip strap to safely secure your racquet. A large main compartment can comfortably house clothes, grips and strings, or even a laptop. A side zipped pocket is ideal for carrying a can of balls or bottle of water. Padded back straps, constructed in a distinctive crossover design, are adjustable.

Babolat Aero Backpack
MSRP: $80

The Aero, matched to Babolat’s Aero Pro racquets, allows you to comfortably tote about everything from your racquet to shoes, tennis balls and valuables with its various compartments and padded straps. Additionally, the backpack comes with a transparent window for placing a nametag, which you can create at Babolat’s Web site.

Dunlop Biomimetic Tour Backpack
MSRP: $49

Dunlop’s Tour Backpack is built with an array of storage areas, which include a large main compartment and a protective laptop pocket in addition to separate pockets for shoes, small valuables and a racquet. The bag even ships with a racquet handle cover, in the event that rain threatens your stick. If green’s not your look, the backpack also comes in red, yellow or blue.

Head Tour Team Backpack
MSRP: $55

Available in all black and a black-and-pink combination in addition to the black-and-blue combination pictured here, Head’s Tour Team Backpack has a compartment for one racquet. It also has an integrated shoe compartment and a side zipper pocket for small valuables.


K-Swiss Ibiza Sr.
MSRP: $48

K-Swiss recalls tennis tradition with this classy racquet backpack. While it evokes a minimalist look, the Ibiza can accommodate a variety of gear. The racquet compartment, adorned with the brand’s logo, has a zippered pocket and strap to keep your stick secure. The main compartment can hold additional gear. A zippered shoe storage pocket is at the base of the bag with two side pockets ideal for a can of balls or your favorite drink.

Life Is Tennis Cinnamon Weave Elite Convertible
MSRP: $90

Life Is Tennis’ multi-faceted bag can be worn as a sling, converted to a backpack or used as a carryall courtesy of a handle near its top. Ideal for city dwellers, commuters or players who cycle to the court, the convertible can hold two racquets, has a main compartment for personal items, and is stocked with pockets in useful places.

New Balance Momentum Medium Duffel
MSRP: $30

Whether you’re hitting the court or the gym, New Balance’s medium duffel makes for a capable accomplice. Two side pockets bookend the large, main compartment that features an inside zipped pocket. A shoe tunnel on the side of the bag provides separate space for sweaty clothes, wet towels or shoes caked with clay.

Nike Max Air Ultimatum All-Weather Duffel Bag
MSRP: $110

Combat spring showers with this sturdy safeguard. Nike’s all-weather duffel is built with stitch-free, Fuse technology, which the swoosh brand says resists water and keeps gear dry. Extended pull tabs that make for easy access, insulated pockets that protect gear from extreme temperatures.

Solinco Tour Backpack
MSRP: $49

The Solinco Tour Backpack features ergonomically padded shoulder straps, as well as a number of compartments and sleeves for storing clothes, shoes and other essentials. What’s unique about the Tour Backpack, though, is its racquet compartment (capacity: two to three sticks): It’s lined with a special zipper that does not come unfastened unless manually pulled. The result is that racquets don’t fall out while running or biking your way to the courts.

Tecnifibre Pro ATP Backpack
MSRP: $79

The Tecnifibre Pro ATP Backpack has it all: A padded, two-racquet compartment and a second roomy section, plus an organizer pocket, shoe pocket, accessories pocket and water-proof pocket. Not to mention that, like the company’s Monster Thermobag, the backpack is constructed from a tough black tarpaulin, which suits the bag equally to tennis or everyday use.

Volkl Super Tour Backpack
MSRP: $80

Volkl’s Super Tour Backpack can batten down two racquets, as well as a change of duds, kicks or what else you need on-court. For comfort, the bag’s backpack straps are padded, as is the back panel; a chest strap is included for additional comfort and improved weight distribution.

Wilson Blade Backpack
MSRP: $60

The Blade Backpack, matched to the colors of Wilson’s Blade racquets, is a capable courtside companion. It can bear your sticks, odds and ends, and assorted tennis kits, by dint of five distinct pockets and compartments. Ergonomic straps keep your paws free for racquet gesticulation.

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