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Product Profile: Dunlop ICE Strings

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 /by

Polyester strings are hardly one-dimensional, but the one characteristic that probably established its reputation is durability. The suckers can take a licking. Baseline grinders who tired of constantly shredding multifilament strings and enriching their stringers were drawn to poly’s resiliency.

Being tough, however, meant that the string could be a little unforgiving. So as polyesters became more popular, more offerings became available; most notably softer, more arm-friendly varieties. The price of forgiveness being that the strings weren’t quite as durable.

Dunlop’s ICE string falls in the firmer, hard-to-break spectrum of the polyester category. I have yet to put the string through its paces, but the crystal clear monofilament is designed specifically for big hitters who need their strings to withstand severe punishment. Translation: Considerable swing speed required. It’s also probably not for players who have found stiffer polys to cause elbow or shoulder discomfort. But for power players who need a firm, long-lasting string, it could be worth a test-drive. The ICE is offered in 16 and 17 gauges and won’t bust your wallet ($8 set, $80 reel).


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