String Review: Volkl Cyclone Tour

by: Jon Levey | June 11, 2013

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Last month I brought Volkl’s Cyclone Tour strings to your attention. Considerably more well-known for their racquets, Volkl has steadily been making inroads in the string category, most notably with the Cylcone (a recent favorite of mine). At the time all I could offer was a description of the Tour version as I hadn’t had a chance to evaluate it. Well, after giving the strings a full test-drive, I’ve corrected that problem.

What did I find out?

As advertised, the Cyclone Tour offers a softer ride than the original. I’ve been playing with polyesters for many years now, so I’ve been conditioned to stiffer feedback from my strings. From that perspective, and with the comfort and deep ball-pocketing of the Cyclone Tour, at times I wondered if I was playing with a nylon. The strings felt that juicy. There’s still plenty of durability and spin potential, but it comes via a very cushy pathway. The extra flex granted more power than I’m accustomed, however, and it took some time to dial in my shots. The second time I had my racquet strung with Cyclone Tour, I bumped my customary tension by 3 lbs which helped with control, yet I still feel as though I could go even higher.

One of the knocks on polyesters, particularly the softer ones, is they lose tension quickly. The Cyclone Tour is not immune to this problem. I really enjoyed my first couple of matches with the strings, but noticed more tension loss than with the original Cyclone. I felt the need to apply added topspin to my ground strokes for safety, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If I switched to these strings I would need to get my racquet restrung every couple of weeks and certainly couldn’t wait until they snap.

Overall, the Cyclone Tour is a solid entry in the softer polyester category. It’s not so forgiving that I’d recommend it for players with arm trouble, but it’s highly playable. It would make a good choice for the mains in a comfort poly-gut/nylon hybrid, especially in a racquet with an 18x20 string pattern. Those with more open string patterns can use solely Cyclone Tour without much concern for harsh feedback. Any players that have found polyesters too rigid, or those looking for a transition string from a nylon, will find the Cyclone Tour a worthwhile choice.

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