Racquet Preview: Head launches MXG frames

by: Jon Levey | April 20, 2017

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As the saying goes, opposites attract. But in terms of tennis racquets, it’s difficult to find many that successfully juggle a winning relationship between the inverses of power and control. Usually one trait dominates the other—especially in lighter weight frames—forcing a compromise in performance. With its new MXG line Head looks to create something of a unicorn: a powerful racquet that plays under control.

The key innovation in the MXG frames is the Magnesium Bridge. Using an engineering process popular in the automotive industry, the injection-molded bridge provides greater torsional stability while keeping the overall frame weight low. Players can swing faster, but the bridge prevents the racquet from twisting for heightened control. The design also allows for long main strings with freer movement to create a larger sweetspot and increased power.

The Magnesium is joined with Graphene Touch, which adds more comfort and dampening to the polarized weighting setup of Graphene models. The marriage of both technologies is designed to give MXG frames highly controllable power in a player-friendly package.

There are two models in the new line. With more weight and smaller head size, the MXG 3 (right) is directed at more accomplished players. The larger hitting surface, slightly extended length and lower weight makes the MXG 5 attractive to a wider range of players. Both possess an open 16x18 string pattern for a tight grip on the ball.

Specs (Unstrung) MXG 3 MXG5
Head Size (sq. in.) 100  105
Length (in.) 27 27.2
Weight (oz.) 10.4 9.7
Balance 0.66 in. HL 0.4 in. HL
Beam (mm.) 24/26/22 24/26/22
String Pattern 16x18     16x18


In addition to the frames, Head is releasing a new string—Primal—that is recommended for the MXG models. The hybrid combines an 8 micro-strand multi-mono polyester with a full PA mutifilament to accentuate the power, control and spin potential of the frames without losing touch and feel.   

The racquets with both retail for $240 and hit select stores on May 5. To find locations near you, as well as the cities hosting demo days for the racquets over the next two months and more information about MXG, check out the Head website.

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