String Review: Tecnifibre Multifeel

by: Tennis Warehouse | April 02, 2018

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Comfort                                                        Frays like a typical multifilament


Price: $9.95

Built from an army of flexible fibers and soaked in stretchy polyurethane, Tecnifibre Multifeel shares its manufacturing process with NRG2 and X-One Biphase, two of the most comfortable and responsive multifilaments ever made. However, unlike its more popular siblings, Multifeel comes with a thin (and firm) monofilament core. The result, according to our playtest team, is a tennis string that balances high comfort and medium power with an impressive level of control. Multifeel also received a surprisingly good spin score for a non-poly. Granted, it didn't give us the vicious ball rotation we get from our favorite polys, but we did find enough spin to bring the ball down reliably. The biggest downside was in the durability category. Multifeel definitely frays over time, which is typical of strings that are overstuffed with filaments. Although this shouldn't be a problem for Multifeel's target audience, it will likely deter advanced polyester users and chronic string breakers. Ultimately, though, for the multifilament player or comfort seeker who wants extra control at a bargain price, Multifeel is simply as good as it gets.


Power: 84 Spin: 78 Comfort: 86
Control: 80 Feel: 82 Playability Duration: 81
Durability: 69    

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