Three To See: A trio of cool, new bags

by: Tim Newcomb | October 17, 2018

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Really, there’s a new question when it comes to tennis bags: Is your bag cool enough for your game? Maybe you’re rocking your tried-and-true three-pack. Maybe you carry so much stuff you need to check your luggage just to get on the bus and your 12-pack couldn’t be any fuller. Or maybe you’re rolling with a backpack. And while we wouldn’t want to say your gear isn’t the latest in tennis bag coolness, check out these three nifty innovative options all at the same price point to decide for yourself. 

Babolat Expandable Bag, $79
Some days you need a four-pack and other days you wish you had a 10-pack. Babolat solved that issue in its Expandable Bag. Using two zippered sections that change the width of the bag, the expansion comes as narrow as seven inches and as wide as 14 inches, allowing for three completely different widths, offering space for four, seven or 10 frames. 

Using this expandable-collapsible strategy—really, a clever use of zippers and material—the bag morphs into exactly what the user needs while retaining two separate zippered main compartments. Each side of the bag features two zippered accessory pockets and the two padded shoulder straps allow for users to carry it over the back or on the shoulder. 

Dunlop Commuter Backpack, $79
For those who want a true backpack—not a multi-frame pack with shoulder straps—but get tired of the racquet handles remaining exposed, Dunlop has heard you. The Commuter Backpack goes extra-tall at 29 inches, but remains narrow and tight to look and feel just like a backpack, all while fully encasing rackets. A slightly updated version releases Jan. 1, 2019.

The streamlined pack can easily handle three frames, although it is most comfortable with two if you want to stuff it full of gear. With a larger front pocket that can handle anything from a laptop to extra gear (there is no dedicated breathable shoe compartment), then a small front pocket for phones, keys and accessories and two mesh side panels for balls or water, the Dunlop Commuter comes sans the frills, but with full backpacking coverage.

Wilson Women’s Minimalistic, $79
Execute your on-court arrival with a bit more style with Wilson’s new women’s line of minimalistic bags. With a tote, top-over pack and Minimalistic Backpack, we like the backpack for a fresh aesthetic. 

As with other Wilson packs, two racquets slide angled into a dedicated back pocket that locks down, freeing up the main compartment to serve all sorts of needs with everything from a laptop sleeve, Thermoguard sleeve for a water bottle, mesh sleeve for tennis balls, two zip pockets for valuables and three slip pockets for each access. Even in this small size, expect a ventilated bottom zip pocket for shoes or sweaty gear. To keep this minimalistic option plenty modern, the front comes largely void of distractions with just a small fleece-lined accessory pocket for valuables.

Tim Newcomb covers sneakers and gear for Follow him on Twitter at @tdnewcomb.  

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