String Review: Tecnifibre Ice Code

by: Tennis Warehouse | August 06, 2019

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Control                                                         Too firm for beginners
Playability duration                             

Price: $12.95

Although Tecnifibre is best known for its iconic multifilaments, the French tennis brand is no stranger to the world of polyester and has been pumping out quality polys since the late '90s. According to our playtest team, the latest addition to Tecnifibre's polyester family is not only a good string, it might just be Tecnifibre's most impressive poly to date. It's called Ice Code, and it earned outstanding scores across multiple categories, including playability duration, the Achilles heel of polyester strings. The strength of Ice Code lies in its stiff construction, which gave our players the control they needed to execute their most powerful strokes without hesitation. The ability to attack the ball with vicious stroke speed produced plenty of power and resulted in easy access to spin. Unlike other strings with comparable levels of control, Ice Code never felt dead, uncomfortable or "boardy," making it one of the more seductive control strings our team has tested. Although the string doesn't have any significant downsides, Ice Code is likely too underpowered for beginners or players with compact strokes. However, for the experienced player who wants a long-lasting poly with surgical targeting on full swings, Ice Code is as good as it gets.


Power: 62 Spin: 92 Comfort: 76
Control: 95 Feel: 77 Playability Duration: 84
Durability: 90    


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