CC Genius Novak
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By on December 11, 2009

While Adidas won’t say how much they’re paying Novak Djokovic to endorse their premium men’s shoe, we suspect it must be plenty based on the hefty $150 price tag for the CC Genius Novak. But it might be worth it if you have narrow feet and play a 5.0-and-up game. The Genius, which sports Nole’s flying falcon logo on the heel, comes with a six-month guarantee on the adiWEAR outsole. And there’s some magic in the form of adiPRENE cushioning, an elastic material in the midsole that softens the blow of crash landings. Two lateral strips in the upper grasp the shoe like a lifeguard holding a drowning swimmer to ensure that your sweaty feet don’t slip. Despite these great features, the narrow width made the shoe uncomfortable for some of our weartesters.


Released on December 11, 2009

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    6.5 - 15
  • Weight:
    7.0 oz
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