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V-Pro All-Court (M)
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By Richard Pagliaro and Dr. David G. Sharnoff on February 22, 2011

Likes: The V-Pro carries some of the same design DNA as Babolat’s popular Propulse 3, but without the heft. Continuing its successful collaboration with French brand Michelin, Babolat offers an outsole that provides strength, durability and resistance to abrasion. It’s an all-court shoe with good ventilation and quick break-in time. The flex point is an asset and the Vibrakill cushioning system in the heel is a good shock absorber, providing comfort in conjunction with the OrthoLite insoles. From a style perspective, it is a clean design that should appeal to both the country club set and public park player.

Dislikes: If you’re a larger man, the V-Pro may feel snug and a little light, and may not provide as much comfort as a heavier shoe. The shoe worked well for testers with pronated feet, however some wear-testers with overly-pronated or flat feet reported some comfort issues. The shoe comes in just one color cosmetic, which may dissuade clay-courters who prefer dark footwear.

Bottom Line: This is a somewhat simplistic, but very good and functional shoe that is lighter and lower to the ground than the Propulse 3, worn by Andy Roddick. It doesn’t offer the Propulse’s foot belt technology, either, but most wear testers felt that didn’t diminish the shoe’s performance. Babolat has done a good job in building options for its customer base: If you’re a bigger, stronger player seeking a heavier shoe designed to withstand aggressive play, try the Propulse 3. If you want Babolat’s technology in a shoe that’s lighter and closer to the ground, this is the choice for you. Another option: buy both models, use the Propulse as a match shoe and the V-Pro as a practice shoe.


Released on February 01, 2011

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  • Warranty:
    Six-month outsole limited durability guarantee
  • Size:
    6 - 14
  • Weight:
    13.76 oz
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General information

    No manufacturer description available yet.

Short summary

    The V-Pro All Court provides high performance technology with excellent comfort. Directly inspired by Babolat's Propulse shoe, the V-Pro All Court offers high end performane that's always a step ahead of the competition. It's a shoe that gets you closer t


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