Insane Pro (M)
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By Richard Pagliaro and Dr. David G. Sharnoff on May 04, 2011

Likes: The radial contact outsole technology creates a tacky sole that grips the court. A climate control cooling system absorbs and releases excess heat, creating good ventilation. The shoe’s energy bridge is designed to transfer power from heel to the forefoot. A black-and-orange Insane Pro Junior retails for $79.99.

Dislikes: An unforgiving flex point. The lateral control system includes a sharper rubber edge of the shoe that appealed to some testers; others felt it sometimes created some instability on sudden stops and changes of direction. 

Bottom Line: A fully-loaded shoe, the Insane Pro suffers a bit from its grand ambition. In trying to accommodate all types of players, Head has loaded the shoe with its top technology, but the result is a shoe that is a bit too heavy and overbuilt. A mediocre flex point makes the Insane a bit less malleable than other Head entries. The entire Head line scored extremely highly for its ventilation, but for overall performance, testers were more impressed with the Head Prestige Pro II and Radical Pro II.


Released on March 01, 2011

  • Price:
  • Gender:
  • Warranty:
    Six-month outsole limited durability guarantee
  • Size:
    5.5 - 14
  • Weight:
    16.0 oz
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  • Combined rating:

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General information


Short summary

    Head's new Insane Pro with asymmetrical lacing for perfect fit all around your feet features a new anti-slip fabric in the heel and memory foam to provide maximum stability in the heel. Its high performance outsole features all of Head's top technologies

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