Reviewed by Justin diFeliciantonio | April 26, 2013

Tags: racquet

Gear Review

The Pitch
The Pacific Nexus, like the X Fast Pro, is constructed with BasaltX fibers, natural material that resist vibrations for greater comfort and feel. Additionally, the Nexus features the Air Damping System, a unique throat construction that, according to Pacific, diminishes vibrations even further for a unique, comfortable response on impact.

How It Tested
The Nexus has all the trappings of a game-improvement racquet that’s built for players with slow, short swings: It improves reach with nearly an inch of extra length, it’s well under nine ounces—making it one of the lightest racquets on the market today—and it sports an extra-large, mishit-curtailing head. Indeed, beginner playtesters hankering for oomph found success with the Nexus, which they said put enough mustard on their volleys, groundstrokes and serves to keep the ball from falling short. Unsurprisingly, given its low weight, some complained that the Nexus made a quirky noise on impact. (The noise could be muted by inserting a dampener.) Even so, playtesters didn’t find the racquet markedly unstable or uncomfortable. “The Nexus doesn’t have nearly enough heft for a player who accelerates through their swing,” says Bruce Levine. “That said, it’s not flimsy returning a slower ball.”

Bottom Line
Older beginners with short, punchy swings should wield this racquet with confidence.

Info & Specs

No manufacturer description available yet.

Length:27.75 in

Head Size:118 sq in

Strung Weight:8.6 oz

Balance:8 pts. HH

Swing Weight:301

String Pattern:16x20


Suitable NTRP:2 - 3

Beam Width:25-27-26mm