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EXO3 Blue 110
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By on December 07, 2009

This racquet’s sweet spot feels bigger than a bass drum, making it hard not to find the optimum spot on the string bed. Big Blue guides you right to it. Another performance benefit of this stick is that a short swing can result in excellent depth because the strings seem to catch the ball, cradle it comfortably and slingshot it back into the court. Prince says the key to this potent power and comfort combination is its Energy Bridge technology, which suspends the string bed so most of the strings don’t touch the frame on impact, giving them a lot of wiggle room to bend back and thrust forward. You can see the big string holes, or “ports” (the Blue 110 doesn’t come with the alternative string inserts of smaller grommets like the Ignite Team 95) around the head; some are so large you can slip a nickel through them. Older doubles players who want a stick that’s easy on the arm will find a lot to like with this Prince.


Released on December 07, 2009

  • Price:
  • Length:
    27.25 in
  • Head size:
    110.0 sq in
  • Strung weight:
    9.8 oz
  • Strung balance:
    1 1/4 in. head heavy
  • Swing weight:
    319.0 oz
  • String pattern:
  • Flexibility:
  • Suitable NTRP:
    2.5 - 4.5
  • Beam width:

General information

    No manufacturer description available yet.

Short summary

    “Place the racquet at contact and it does the rest”; “Holy power!”


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