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  • Maxply McEnroe

    You may remember the wood Maxply McEnroe, named after the game’s former enfant terrible. Mac has grown up—sort of—and he asked Dun...

  • M-Fil 2Hundred

    If there’s been a weakness in Dunlop’s racquets of late, it’s that some have tended to be jarring on off-center hits. The company ...

  • M-Fil 600

    This Dunlop is designed to juice up the strokes of beginners and low-level intermediates.

  • M-Fil 7Hundred

    One way to increase a racquet’s power is to build a stiff frame that bends less on impact and transfers more energy to the ball. P...

  • M Comp 95

    A control-oriented frame with the flexibility and feedback high-level players crave.

  • M Pro No 1

    Think of this advanced-player’s model as magnet therapy for your racquet. When you hit a ball, both sides of a racquet head slight...

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