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  • RQiS 1 Tour XL 95 (HG)

    “A crafty player would enjoy this”; “The type of feedback you’d expect from a player’s frame”; “Lacking power on serves”; “A smidg...

  • RQiS 1 Tour XL 100

    “Easy to play with”; “Large sweet spot with a comfy feel”; “More stability at net than the baseline”; “Couldn’t anticipate what my...

  • RQiS 2 Tour

    A mid-plus frame with extra length and plenty of pop used by pros Nicole Vaidisova and Maria Kirilenko.

  • RQS-11

    This mid-plus is intended for players with accomplished strokes.

  • RQS-33

    This Yonex is designed to give improving beginners and solid intermediates some extra pop without sacrificing control.

  • Boris Becker 11

    A control-oriented, highly flexible racquet for advanced tournament players.

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