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  • Twin TEC 1250 FTI

    Hitting the sweet spot can be a challenge, and when you miss it, the racquet often twists in your hands, causing an unforced error...

  • Airflow 1

    Rounding out Head’s Airflow racquets for women, this is the heaviest and most control-oriented of the group.

  • Airflow 3

    A stiffer, more advanced alternative in Head’s new line of lightweight comfort racquets for women.

  • Airflow 3 with Crossbow

    For women with longer, faster swings looking for controllable power in a lightweight frame.

  • Airflow 5

    If you find the Airflow 3 to be a bit stiff, and the Airflow 7 has too much power, the Airflow 5 should be right in your sweet spot.

  • Airflow 7

    This is the flagship and most powerful model in the Airflow family.

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