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  • Drive Z 110

    This is made for club players with shorter swings looking for maneuverability and comfort in a powerful, light racquet.

  • Pure Drive 107

    Another entry into the Babolat Pure Drive racquet line. This offering has a bit more length and hitting area than the standard ver...

  • Pure Drive 110 with Cortex

    An updated version of the Pure Drive Oversize with a new Cortex system to filter out racquet vibrations for a more solid feel at i...

  • Pure Drive Roddick

    Babolat will have you know two things: First, relax, because the hugely popular Pure Drive isn’t being discontinued; second, if yo...

  • Pure Drive Roddick (2009)

    “So much blast I swear I saw little specs of yellow fuzz flying around my head”; “Great backcourt control, a little tough to maneu...

  • Pure Storm Limited

    For players who can create their own power and are looking for maximum control and more feel at net.

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