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  • 4D 5Hundred (Tour)

    “Could hit deep without a ton of effort”; “Able to get more pop off my serve”; “Struggled to control angled shots.”

  • Aerogel 2Hundred

    Designed for high-level tournament players who don’t need extra power but crave pinpoint control.

  • Aerogel 3Hundred

    An ideal racquet for serious club players looking for slightly added comfort in a player’s frame.

  • Aerogel 4D 1Hundred

    “You have to swing out, but you’ll see the ball actually stay in the court most of the time”; “I had to strike the ball exactly”; ...

  • Aerogel 6Hundred

    Offers a balance of power, control, touch, and comfort in an easy-to-handle frame, creating the ultimate “tweener” racquet.

  • Aerogel 7Hundred

    A lightweight oversize that offers plenty of power without sacrificing control.

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