Power Bridge 4

Reviewed | December 07, 2009

Tags: racquet

Gear Review

For a racquet that’s just over half an inch longer than most, the Power Bridge 4 is surprisingly maneuverable. That’s because of the light weight and head-light balance. It’s even nimble at the net where the added length helps on stretch volleys and overheads. And it’s easy to generate good swing speed, which you’ll need because the frame is not overly powerful. You can take a sizeable cut without too much worry that you’ll hit the back fence. In fact, some playtesters felt the frame would perform better with a little more pop. The Power Bridge (strong carbon fibers at the bottom of the racquet face) provides decent stability for a lightweight frame, as long as you’re not far from the sweet spot. The technology was most noticeable to testers at net. When in position they could stick their volleys, but if they hit a well-struck passing shot off-center, it was trouble.

Info & Specs

No manufacturer description available yet.

Length:27.6 in

Head Size:105 sq in

Strung Weight:10.3 oz

Balance:3/5 in. head light

Swing Weight:300


Suitable NTRP:2 - 4.5