Rush (Men)

Reviewed by Richard Pagliaro | May 05, 2013

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Dr. Sharnoff's Ratings

Weartesters' Ratings
Stability 7.0 7.0
Cushioning 7.5 6.0
Arch Support 8.0 7.6
Flex Point 8.5 7.6
Weight 8.0 8.0
Ventilation 7.0 7.0
Break-in Time 7.5 6.5
Overall Satisfaction 7.6 7.1


Operating under the theory that “the higher the sole and midsole, the more unstable footwear is at the ankle,” Wilson brought the Rush lower to the ground. The result aids lateral stability and comfort. R-DST, the brand’s Reactive Density Inserts, are embedded in the heel and forefoot to provide cushioning and improve rebound in the forefoot for faster response. Women weartesters enjoyed the Rush more than male weartesters, scoring the shoe a full point higher than men. “It has a nice fit, wide toe box and a quick break-in time,” one woman weartester said. The shoe’s light weight and easy break-in were its best features. If you’re an accomplished player seeking a high-performance shoe, you’ll want to try the Rush Pro. However, the Rush features several of the technologies of the Rush Pro, in a less expensive package that ultimately should suit a wide range of club players.

Info & Specs

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Size7 - 14

Weight13.4 oz

Dr. Sharnoff's rating7.6

Wear testers' rating7.1