Mylan WTT Blogs: Megan's Memoirs Entry #2

by: Mylan WTT | July 12, 2013

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Megan Moulton-Levy has helped lead the Sacramento Capitals to 3-0 in 2013 and is blogging about her Mylan WTT summer (Photo: Rob Vomund).

Doubles specialist Megan Moulton-Levy is playing her debut season for the Sacramento Capitals and is blogging about her experiences. Check out her first entry below and follow her on Twitter @moultonlevy.

Megan's Memoirs #2: Pointer Sisters Revival? -- July 11, 2013

Hi everyone,
Mylan World TeamTennis has taught me a lot in a small amount of time. At WTA tournaments I don't get to see behind the scenes or understand what it really takes to put on an event. However, Mylan WTT has given me the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the preparation and hard work it takes to make each event a success.
Our owner, Deepal Wannakuwatte, and his family Betsy, Sarah, and Daniel, general manager, Kolleen McNamee, Coach Bryan and honorary coach, Joe, and many more people put their heart and soul into this team and they do it with such grace, kindness and a BIG smile :) They have been like a family to us, which is always nice when you're on the road for 35 weeks out of the year!
I'm sure you're wondering about our match on Wednesday night, especially since that bumped our stats up to 3-0! Go Caps! Mardy came out with a vengeance last night and played some amazing tennis. Part of the credit can be given to Coach Bryan because he was going to make Mardy buy us all dinner if he lost :) How's that for motivation??
Taylor was also on "fire" Wednesday night (yes, there is some significance to fire that I will fill you in on later). No one knew how to handle her big serve or heavy ground strokes. She helped our team get a mixed doubles and women's singles victories. That girl has some serious talent. Period.
Mr. Mark Knowles (a.k.a Knowlzee) was his reliable self and came up with victories in mixed and men's doubles. We can always count on our captain :)
And how could I ever forget Ryan?! We would not be 3-0 without his signature towel slaps. I'm thinking the fans may start to join us soon and before you know it we will have hundreds of towels waving in the air after one of us hits a great shot. Sounds pretty awesome to me!
Not only has our team been on "fire" these last three matches but on Friday night Taylor, Taylor's mom, and I will be firing it up on stage. We have been given the task of performing "Fire" by the Pointer Sisters at our post-match party tomorrow. I will be singing and dancing to a song that I had never heard of until Tuesday.
But Coach Bryan is determined to make us into an overnight sensation...or at least to not completely embarrass ourselves on stage :) He had us practice the song 4 times in the car on our way to the match yesterday. He was even teaching us how to harmonize! We only have one more day to prepare for our debut moment.
I will definitely let you know how it goes.
Until next time....
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