Mylan WTT Blogs: Megan's Memoirs Entry #3

by: Mylan WTT | July 16, 2013

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Megan Moulton-Levy has been all over the net in her debut season of Mylan WTT (Photo: Rob Vomund).

Doubles specialist Megan Moulton-Levy is playing her debut season for the Sacramento Capitals and is blogging about her experiences. Check out her first entry below and follow her on Twitter @moultonlevy.

Megan’s Memoirs #3: All About Attitude  -- July 15, 2013

Hi everyone,

Tennis has a funny way of keeping you honest. Last time I wrote the Caps were riding high with a 3-0 record on the season. Now we are batting .500 with a 3-3 record.

On Friday (7/12), we played the Boston Lobsters at home. All of us went into the match feeling confident...maybe overly so. Mark and I kicked it off with a close win in mixed. Taylor, who had incurred a minor injury from the match before, finished the match with a more severe injury.

After women's singles we were all tied up at 9-9. It was up to Mardy to give a lead, however, during the match he tweaked his groin and called for Ryan Sweeting to step in, down a break, and 3-4 in the set. I must say that is a tough position to be thrown into - down a break with your opponent serving. Ryan handled it like a champ. He stepped in cold but played some courageous tennis. He is kind of my hero. I wish I had the guts to do what he had done. We lost the match 23-19.

I take a team loss much harder than any loss on tour. You are always wondering how could I have done better? How could I have gotten one more game? You think, "If I had just converted those two break points it could have been 23-21 instead of 21-19." "If I could have gotten just one more game would that have boosted the team's moral?"

Coach B has said several times that tennis is not about winning, it is about losing. How do you bounce back after a loss? How good is your short term memory? I could not agree more. Those are two tools that could make or break your career. Moulton-Levy

As a team we have kept a great attitude despite the losses. Post Lobsters loss Coach B, his band, and the Sacramento Soul Sisters went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a jam session in front of the Sac Caps fans and staff. Post Washington Kastles loss we had a dance contest with kids who were in the stands and the Kastles players. After losing to the Texas Wild last night, we signed autographs side by side.

I told you I would give you a little taste of fire and here it goes...
Due to injury we are down two players - Mr. Fish and Miss Townsend but we are hungry for another victory. We will do everything we can to make it happen tonight against the Orange County Breakers.

Until next time...


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