The Boys of Summer

by: | August 22, 2012

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Long gone are the colorless constraints of Wimbledon. It's the dog days of summer, and when it comes to tennis fashion, anything goes. We break down the luny, the clumsy, and the suave in this week's fashion spotlight.

Sartorial props to Go Soeda for his fresh, well-coordinated digs. The orange accents, of varying design and intensity, add visual interest to an otherwise clean look. He even matches with his racquet. (AP Photo)
Grigor Dimitrov eschews patterns for a more bare-bones, minimalist mien. Not to say it isn't interesting: The grey brings out all the various tints of blue in a very modern way. (AP Photo)
A la Marty McFly, Janko Tipsarevic's Fila puffy vest and retro patterning bring a taste of the '80s back to center court. Really, though: Who else but DJ Tipsy could pull that off? (AP Photo)
Andy Roddick shows his love for the Stars and Stripes with Babolat's Team-USA footwear. If only they had little speakers to play Lee wouldn't that be some patriotism? (AP Photo)
If Andy Roddick's shoes are flamboyant, his Lacoste apparel is elegant and clean. (AP Photo)
Rajeev Ram's Athetic DNA top is, in a strange way, both nuclear green and minty fresh. Its geometric design is admittedly bizarre, but also appropriate for the brand. It does, after all, appear to be a double helix. (AP Photo)
What is it about K-Swiss that makes it look so...K-Swiss? Perhaps it's the simple color blocking, which on Sam Querrey's latest outfit strikes a classic but bold pose. (Who says UGA doesn't have the best colors?) (AP Photo)
With his bleached hair and wild colors, John Paul Fruttero looks as if he dressed for a David Bowie video -- namely, as an abstract rendition of the American flag. Whatever. His alternating wristbands are wicked cool. (AP Photo)
Clearly, Paolo Lorenzi is feeling the love for his patria. Lorenzi's Italian wristbands are suitable for the Olympic season. His shirt, however...well, it could use some work. Are those lines supposed to be a bear claw? Or an advertisement for Monster energy drinks? (AP Photo)
Michael Russell has always been the no-frills guy on tour, and frankly, his red-and-black Under Armour outfit reflects that. It looks tough and functional. These fabrics are for performance, they say, not fashion. 'Nuff said? (AP Photo)
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