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Video: In time for French Open, Federer stars in new Wilson commercial

Saturday, May 25, 2013 /by

Roger Federer, recent Twitter-joiner, is the figurehead in a new Wilson Tennis commercial that will debut on Tennis Channel on Sunday, May 26, the first day of the 2013 French Open. See it here:

Federer comes on the scene as a trio of teens are hitting with each other, and he introduces them to three new Wilson axes—the Steam, the Blade, and the Juice. Suddenly the kids start hitting like Fed, with the boys carving out a gorgeous one-handed backhand and (oh yes) a tweener. But then the girl in the group pounds a forehand up the middle that nearly has the boys bumping heads; she and Fed exchange an amusing, "exploding" fist bump and the game is over. (Lesson learned: Always hit up the middle in doubles!)

Not so fast. A tennis-loving tyke enters the scene and takes Fed to task, even knocking him in the back with one ball. The little one's got game, that's for sure. Soon enough, these five players are marching off the court ... sporting their Wilson backpacks and more gear, naturally.

Fun clip, no? What do you think of Federer's draw at this French Open, and his chances of taking his second title at Roland Garros?

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