Scenes from Queen's Club: The Weekend

by: Steve Tignor | June 17, 2013

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Photos by Anita Aguilar.

The player introductions, which are made at the club's front door, are a special touch at Queen's. Here Marin Cilic walks out—not for the last time—to try to start the final on Sunday.

Andy Murray smiling? Technically, yes, though this one was sarcastic.

Now there's the Muzz we know and love. Maybe this should be the model for his wax figure at Madame Tussaud's?

Cilic casts a long shadow at this tournament. He won last year, and reached the final this time.

At times this weekend it felt, and looked, like we were on the high seas inside Centre Court.

You can't say the people at Queen's didn't come prepared.

The members get certain perks, such as having their seats toweled when the rain stops. Apparently smiling as you work is required as well.

Murray let us know what he thought of Saturday's five-hour rain delay.

You will know him by his hat. Lleyton Hewitt, 32, is still sporting the backwards cap, and still making the semis at Queen's.

Rusty reaches for another serve.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's coach, Roger Rasheed, said this week that Jo doesn't dwell on his defeats. He bounced back from disappointment in Paris to reach the semis.

Along the way, Jo injected a little Gallic verve into the clubby English scene.

The crowd went silent when Murray went down with a yelp in the final. He said afterward that he felt fine.

Two questions, Tomas: I know you that's your Twitter account, but....really? Also, is that your real hair?

Ivan Lendl gets a taste of his own medicine, with a shot to the hip from his pupil, Andy Murray, during the post-final exhibition.

Murray celebrating victory? No, something even better: Plugging his coach with the ball.

Lendl has jokes? He threatened to show all to Judy Murray during the post-final exo...

...and that was something Murray's girlfriend, Kim Sears (right), didn't want to risk seeing.

Real tennis, the game of royalty and the grandaddy of all racquet sports, is still played at the club, which opened in 1886 and can claim Queen Victoria as its first member.

Every real tennis ball is a little different; the players sew their own.

Queen's keeps its history on its walls, including posters from the McEnroe-Connors duels of the early 1980s.

There's a smile from Andy.

How did a crazed dumpster-diver sneak into...hold on, is that the Mayor of London? Yes, it's Boris Johnson, and he wasn't bad for a man using a warped wooden racquet.

More memorable than anything else this week was the sight of Murray tearing up when he mentioned his friend and doubles partner, Ross Hutchins (left). The British player is battling cancer, and he helped put together a benefit on Sunday to help fight the disease.

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