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Bogomolov walks away from match after line call

Tuesday, July 09, 2013 /by

Sportsmanship: It sometimes seems an all-too-rare commodity.

At the Nielsen Challenger-level event in Winnetka, Illinois (read: Chicago), a bizarre ending took place in the match between American-turned-Russian pro Alex Bogomolov, Jr., and current U.S. player Bradley Klahn. Down 2-1 in the third and final set, Bogomolov basically stopped playing a contentious rally after what he claimed was either an "out" call from the stands or an obviously long shot off of Klahn's racquet. Controversy ensued. See the clip here:

Indeed, with that abbreviated rally, Bogomolov went down 3-1 to Klahn in the decider. On the heels of that, he fleetingly argued with the chair umpire, opted out of the match and shook his hand, took off his shirt, gathered his gear, and uttered "Go f--- yourself" to the ump on his way off court. (He notably did this while still shaking Klahn's hand and getting a pat on the back from him.)

Well, that's one way to make Agnieszka Radwanska's handshake with Sabine Lisicki look like a sterling example of good sporting behavior.

What do you make of this odd occurrence?

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