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Photo of the Month: Tommy Haas Hams It Up in Hamburg

Sunday, July 28, 2013 /by
AP Photo
AP Photo

The month of July has nearly drawn to a close, and too soon the same will be said for summer. (But for now, psst, listen here.) With the close of another month, the Spin anoints the professional tennis player who, though he didn't claim an ATP title over these four weeks, did seize a different victory: He's the recipient of the photo of the month award. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Tommy Haas.

In the wake of feigning a good gnaw on his axe, Haas lost that Hamburg quarterfinal to Fabio Fognini—but he shouldn't feel bad, really, as everyone who played the Italian in that event also lost. Still, it's funny to see Haas ham it up in his native Germany, as he's normally such a prim and proper sort of fellow, with pristine hair and a chiseled visage. Except for when he loses a point he thought he should have won.

But if Haas made a slightly odd spectacle with his racquet, at least he bit it and thus chose better than yesteryear's Mikhail Youzhny. Tennis fans the world over would shudder and perhaps fall into fits if Haas himself began to rearrange his own face in such a garish way.

Your turn: What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen either an ATP or WTA pro or else a club/league player do with a racquet?

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