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Video: Roger Federer plays a creaky violin

Saturday, August 24, 2013 /by

Aye, he's human. Roger Federer decided to show everyone why he shouldn't quit his day—and New York night-session—job. Celebrating the Lucerne Festival's 75th anniversary in a promotional spot for Credit Suisse, Federer lends his brand name to the proceedings at the Swiss music fest.

See the clip here, and sound off below as to how you think Federer performed. The Spin says it's his best acting job in a good while.

Federer first faces off against Grega Zemlja at the U.S. Open next week, and he's in the same bottom quarter of the draw as old/current nemesis Rafael Nadal and tall tree John Isner. What do you think of Fed's chances to go to the fourth round and beyond?

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