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The Daily Spin

U.S. Open Fashion Misses

Sunday, September 01, 2013 /by

And now, the Misses, where as you'll see, a few perennial style winners didn't quite measure up. For the Hits, click here.


Caroline Wozniacki suffers from Stella McCartney's latest round of courting sartorial disaster. The sea of blues look distracting, almost goofy, and the cut-outs don't begin to flatter. Dear Stella: Get thy groove back.

Tomas Berdych impressed in the white polo with tan back that I saw him wearing in Cincinnati, paired with maroon shorts. His lower body is so built that the zip-collar, slim-cut shirt makes his upper body almost look gaunt. This should not be. What's more, his attire's colors are back to drab.

Svetlana Kuznetsova could look good, really good, if someone would just give her something, well, great to wear. This is not it.

Grigor Dimitrov's horizontally-striped polo emphasized pink, but just too many stripes reduced it. This Indian Wells shirt worked much better.

Madison Keys and Eugenie Bouchard both attempted to fill Maria Sharapova's dress at this Grand Slam event. The result was ... not grand. There's a nutty Rorschach test emblazoned on it maybe. The Spin doesn't want to know its meaning.

Surprisingly, Rafael Nadal's night-session look does not wow. The black shoes and socks look sharp, as they did on del Potro and have previously Roger Federer. But the gray-on-gray shirt-shorts combo negates the footwear smarts.

Also unfortunate is Roger Federer's appearance, a relatively straightforward and surely well-tailored look. The blue and white just don't work with the admittedly fun pink shoes. The pink kicks aren't a first for Fed, but appearing on this part of the list may be so.

What's more, his night-session look featured tonal blues that didn't match and were glaringly set off further by his black shoes and socks.

But Federer and everyone else on this list can't hold a candle (though they definitely should) to Hsieh Su-wei's completely odd dress in doubles with Peng Shuai. A going-out party frock from the top down to the backside of it, the dress weirdly bunches. Very baggy, as if she has five tennis balls cradled down in the back of it. This, dear reader, is the worst outfit of the Open:

Victoria Azarenka appeared in an unflattering number that features a skirt line that dips too low, kind of like a Redfoo dance move. As with some others here, this flat-out should not be.

Serena Williams' colors look fantastic, again with the pink and gray, but her kerchief-esque look below the belt and hemline don't do her favors. That's a sure-fire miss based on her U.S. Open fashion history and good form coming into this Slam.


Radek Stepanek says "Let's get literal" with the New York City print  on his polo—and it has worked before, more subtly (see: Sharapova's "atomic red" dress), but not here and now. (Also: Remember Andy Roddick in this?)

Ana Ivanovic has been put in a bland bright-red dress that detracts from her model-esque looks and marginalizes her in the style department. Flavia Pennetta is sporting a similar look. Both deserve better.

What are your own style hits and misses from week 1?

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