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Video: Kelly Rowland narrates ESPN's Serena spotlight

Friday, September 06, 2013 /by
AP Photo
AP Photo

You might call her Destiny's Daughter: Serena Williams is, like Beyoncé Knowles before her, a September 1981 baby. (Psst: So is your loyal Spin keeper. Yea, virgos unite.) And the fire inside of the younger Williams sister in tennis, a child of Compton, ignites on the showiest stages in her chosen field, as it does for her elder, the Houston-born entertainer who just turned 32. To that end, Kelly Rowland, the dance-pop princess who teamed up with Beyoncé in Destiny's Child, narrated a new ESPN segment on Serena's competitive fire and lasting impression in the sports world and global society itself. See it here:

Serena and Kelly are friends, actually, and spend a lot of high-quality time together, whether it's sun-bathing in Miami or one of them coming to the aid of a crony, as when Serena wore a boot and was at times "depressed" in the wake of her foot injury and surgery in 2011. "A champion, a star, a sister, and a symbol," Kelly says in all but singing her pal's praises in the ESPN spot. Now those are the ties that bind.

Do you think Serena has gone about this U.S. Open in a great way, soaking up the limelight and yet playing and operating smartly?

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