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Video: Victoria Duval stars on The Tonight Show

Wednesday, September 04, 2013 /by
Photo by Anita Aguilar
Photo by Anita Aguilar

Arguably the darling of this U.S. Open, diminutive Victoria Duval took to the guest's chair on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. Discussing her upset in Flushing Meadows—remember 2011 Open champ Samantha Stosur's ouster?—her father's Haiti-earthquake situation, and much more, the 17-year-old wowed the tennis world and the world at large with her poise. Perched beside none other than political pundit Bill Maher, Duval delighted both Leno and his audience: 

The best quote there, about her newfound fame in the wake of her first-round victory: "I heard about some tweets that a couple rappers were saying, so I figured I should get a Twitter after that."

In another clip, Vicky addresses her affinity for Venus Williams, with whom she exchanged e-mail addresses and then phone numbers, saying that she asked Venus a year ago at the U.S. Open (where Duval lost to Kim Clijsters) to be her mentor. Here's the exchange:

As use of the word "mentor" goes here, those looking for Serena–Sloane Part II with this would be advised to look elsewhere. Says here Ms. Duval will be looking to let her racquet do the talking for some time. For now, she has earned her spotlight.

What do you think of her showing on late-night TV?

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