New Music: Lorde's "Tennis Court" & More

by: Jonathan Scott | October 10, 2013

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Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of the band Tennis. (Wikimedia Commons)

Your resident Spin keeper actually got his start writing about the sport by trotting out a few posts for the fantastic fashion-meets-sweat blog Tennis Served Fresh. See: "Strokin': When Tennis Met Music." Before that, I did time at, and so this intersection between the two, these aural and athletic pleasures, is a natural merger.

That said, please meet—or fall further in love with—Lorde. She is a 16-year-old New Zealander whose music, if you haven't heard it yet, is apt to penetrate your ears soon enough. The youngest artist to top the U.S. charts in a quarter-century, her debut album features the hit "Royals"—but also a fantastic track in "Tennis Court," for which this subtly brilliant video was made:

What's more, Lorde told VH-1 that, though she has yet to play tennis in more than a decade and a half of life to date, she finds the sport to be "so beautiful.” Further: “Women play tennis and they play it in beautiful clothes and there’s just a grandeur about it.” The VH-1 article also quotes her as saying, "The idea of a tennis court is very visually beautiful to me. It was something I kept coming back to on Tumblr and all that sort of thing.” One has to think then that she has seen this, one of the Spin's favorite tennis-themed Tumblr pages and an elegant one at that.

Be glad that Lorde and her music are in the world today. And while you're at it, enjoy the new Small Sound EP come November 5 from the band called (wait for it) Tennis. The Denver-based duo has two full-length releases under its belt and a new single in "Mean Streets." (No, it's not about Venus and Serena growing up in Compton.) Join the Spin in chuckling about Tennis's website, too, which upon clicking will probably make you think you've reached a weirdly-pleasing error message. Tennis is here to tell you that Lorde's not the only one captivated by nostalgia. 

Do you dig these songs? Whether that answer is yea or nay, please relay what you're listening to lately in the comments below. The Spin is always looking for great new tunes, or new-to-me songs. Happy head-bobbing, all.

[Thanks forever to @NickMcCarvel and @ErwinCOng for giving me the chance. You can either thank or blame them.]

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