Photo of the Week: Verdasco Holding Baby

by: Jonathan Scott | October 11, 2013

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Shanghai Rolex Masters

It could be said that you haven't lived until you have witnessed Fernando Verdasco posing for a photo as he holds up a beautiful baby boy sporting plaid. And now I've said it, so cat is out of bag. In any event, let's all take a breather from the bizarre and high-strung nature of our world today—a world in which government shutdowns and twerking, violence and disease, dominate headlines—and enjoy this shard of amusing wonderment. In short, what a cute kid.

Yes. That's it. Step away from this cruel young century for just a moment and take it in. Beauty. 

Spin friend The Slice has it (via ATP World Tour) that Verdasco visited a Shanghai hospital, even stepping into an operating room. He also donned scrubs and made "heart" hand signs with a cadre of nurses.

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