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Video: Eugenie Bouchard gives TV weather report

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 /by
AP Photo
AP Photo

As the lyric goes, for some, the future's so bright, they've got to wear shades. For others, namely Canada's Eugenie Bouchard, the future may be so bright that she must deliver an entire weather broadcast. Here's the WTA No. 32 lending her presentation skills to Montreal's CTV newscast:

Here's a batch of photo extras from Bouchard's time spent on the set. The 19-year-old commemorated the experience with—what else?—a tweet.

Before Bouchard's turn in front of the green screen, her countrywoman Aleksandra Wozniak performed the same routine.

The younger Canadian's steady reading of wind patterns and such reminds me of my favorite weathercaster in my hometown of Indianapolis, one Angela Buchman. Do you also see the resemblance, or is that just me? In any case, feel free to forecast Bouchard's 2014 in the comment thread below. Think she will scalp a couple Top 5 stars? Claim a title or two? Even more?

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