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Video: Azarenka appears in new Redfoo video, "Let's Get Ridiculous"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 /by
AP Photo
AP Photo

The WTA's No. 2 player didn't want to be a music-video girl, but she relented after boyfriend Redfoo's repeated asks. Says Victoria Azarenka, “It’s just trying to sneak me into every scene there was, and I was supposed to be a mermaid, but I said, you are out of your mind. I’m not swimming in the water. It’s cold. What are you talking about? And then he found another scene where I could just be a stewardess, and I never really served drinks, and the glass kept sliding and I was a little nervous. It was definitely fun to see how that world works and how long it takes to shoot that whole video. And swimming with sharks? Like it’s crazy. I mean, that’s why the video is Let’s Get Ridiculous. Because it is ridiculous.”

Yea, swimming with sharks is probably the last thing in the world that would appeal to your Spin keeper, who is alternately fascinated/terrified by the creatures. Be that as it may, here's Vika's cameo in "Let's Get Ridiculous." See her at the 2:05 mark: 

It's not the first time the two have collaborated musically, in a way. Previously, Redfoo (nee Stefan Kendal Gordy) sampled his girlfriend's mid-point prolonged coo for the track "Heart of a Champion."

What do you think of Vika's brief appearance in the video? Says here she hardly displays startling acting ability, but then again, it's about 10 seconds of screen time. With that said, her boyfriend's vocals are barely distinguishable from Will.I.Am's in the song, though he never fails to find a way to dance his trademark moves in a street before each clip is over.

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