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2014 Australian Open Fashion: Hits

Sunday, January 19, 2014 /by

It's been a week of choices, both sartorial (here are the worst) and schedule-saving (so when exactly does the extreme heat policy get put in place?). And now the Spin has made its choices for the best-dressed pros in Melbourne. With 256 players entered in the men's and women's singles events alone, this roster is hardly comprehensive, but it is quite telling.

First, forget Mariah Carey for a moment (even if you don't find that so hard to do): The latest battle Nicki Minaj finds herself in now pits her against Chris Evert in a "Who Wore It Better?" styled duel.  What say you?

Now to the list. First up are the ladies:

Let's begin with a surprise: a Caroline Wozniacki look I truly favor. It's colorful but sedated at the same time, the cut is flattering for her, and there's a fun, low-key accent hue on her chest. The dress is girlish and suits the personality of one dubbed "Sunshine." (That nickname went away, right?)
Likewise, a similar look works against Flavia Pennetta's tanned skin in the right way.
Ah, Venus Williams. The quasi-zebra-print dress was here and gone, as the American was dismissed in round one and withdrew from doubles—"You're welcome, little sis!"—but it was fun while it lasted. (And that seems to be Venus' take on each tournament at this juncture as well; who's to say she can't feel that way, happy to be playing at all?)
Sloane Stephens' dress boasts a bright sartorial palette, so striking when paired with her complexion. The colorway also matches well with the court's color, a consideration that all too many sponsors seem to forget.
It was bound to happen: Serena Williams stars on another on-court best dressed roster. Pink and black always play well together, and few will own them as confidently as the far-and-away No. 1 on the WTA tour.
The looks on Jelena Jankovic and Julia Goerges came out as fraternal twins at this Aussie Open. The purple tone looks great on both, and I like the vintage appeal. Well done, both.
Another great fit for Samantha Stosur's muscular form, even if it was another disappointing early-round depature for the top Australian at her home major event.
A bit torn, finding myself wanting to like Victoria Azarenka's getup and yet coming up all but indifferent about it. You decide. Erring on the side of kindness, it lands here on the fashion-hits list. At least she's sporting a print as opposed to the usual solid color, and a decently interesting one at that.

Onward to the fellows:

A blazing week found Benoit Paire and Jeremy Chardy both sporting patterned polos, and both rocked them handsomely.
Everything about Roger Federer's look is perfectly fitted, pristine, and clean. This is nothing new, but it remains remarkable.
Yes, I listed Rafael Nadal among the fashion misses, but only from a sweat factor. In truth, the color scheming of his attire for this Slam is matched only by his midpoint scheming. Few play big-stage style—smart, classy, and perhaps vaguely attractive—as well as the one who should've put a patent on the exclamation "Vamos!" 
Novak Djokovic's night matches have him appearing sleek and letting the trademark blue courts do the colorful work for him. This looks great against the court on television. (Meanwhile, let's just say it: His day-match gear is flat-out blah. 
Speaking of, here's one I missed among the, well, misses: Milos Raonic's homage to Charlie Brown.

Your turn, Spin readers: Whose style is best so far this Slam? What did I miss, and does something found here make you think I should surrender my style credentials? Thanks for reading.

[Thanks to @raykwaTO and @Ratazana for calling out the Raonic shirt.] 

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