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Tursunov: Nadal is not penalized for slow play (VIDEO)

Friday, February 14, 2014 /by
AP Photo
AP Photo

Dmitry Tursunov mentions Rafael Nadal’s occasional slow play between points to chair umpire Cedric Mourier during his loss to Grigor Dimitrov in Rotterdam. Mourier told Tursunov that he was taking too much time against Dimitrov, prompting the Russian to reference Nadal.

“How much am I over? How much am I over?" Tursunov asked the umpire during a changeover. “As much as Rafa or less? I think Rafa is eight seconds over and nobody ever gives him a warning.”

Mourier said he didn't agree with that assessment, but Tursunov continued.

“You just given him a warning but you haven’t given him a point [penalty] yet.”

He then asked Mourier how many times he has assessed a penalty on the Spaniard.

“Ten times, 12 times, once?” he asked, before adding: “Rafa will pick his ass for 30 seconds and you guys will watch it. You’re not going to say a word.”


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