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VIDEO: Federer adds to YouTube archive with fantastic tweener-lob in Dubai

Monday, February 24, 2014 /by
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Had Roger Federer elected to use his silhouette as his logo instead of the combination “RF” character, he would have had plenty of signature shots to choose from. But as good as Federer's forehand looks, his tweener may be his most recognizable—and certainly the most creative—use of the tennis racquet.

Today in Dubai, Federer hit another between-the-legs beauty that was surely being uploaded to YouTube within minutes of its execution. It wasn't an outright winner, but Federer earned a simple putaway after pulling off a fantastic tweener-lob with a high degree of difficulty (video upload by GALIJA95):

Federer's best tweener, at least in my opinion, was an outright winner that he struck at the 2009 U.S. Open. Oh, and it took place under the lights, against Novak Djokovic, and set up match point (video upload by FJG007ify):

Finally, here, in the opinion of YouTube user MrSeba1670, are Federer's top 10 tweeners:

Are we missing any?


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