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Video: Andy Murray breaks down in tears as he receives hometown honor​

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 /by

​It can often be said that those who laugh the most are also prone to cry. Inside every comedian there lies a tender soul, as it were. That may hold true for Andy Murray as well, who broke down when giving a short speech as he was presented with the Freedom of the City of Stirling award in his hometown of Dunblane, at the high school he attended:

​"I apologize for this behavior," Murray managed to quip at the end of his address. It's not the first time he's been overcome with emotion when talking about where he hails from, as evidenced by this clip about Dunblane Primary School shooting in March 1996:

Andy's mother, Judy Murray, once gave a speech at the University of Stirling when she received an honorary degree:

​The Murrays obviously have strong attachments to place in their lives, perhaps finding proof in the mantra, "You can always go home."

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