Video: Roger Federer ​​makes a sleek office visit

by: Jonathan Scott | April 24, 2014

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AP Photo

​Imagine Roger Federer pushing paper. Making photo copies. Talking around the water cooler about last weekend's final. Sending a fax.​ ​Or, even if none of those, grabbing lunch at the cafeteria.

​Well, now you don't have to—at least when it comes to the last thought—as the Swiss stopped by a Credit Suisse office one rainy day:

​The Grand Slam winner 17 times over and a brand ambassador for the company, Federer slipped into Credit Suisse's Zurich office on April 8 much like the president of a country would: With an umbrella held over his head in the rain, in a procession of black cars, with fanfare. He signed autographs at the Uetlihof space, patrolled the sleek halls of the building, and talked with all who approached him before taking part in a one-hour interview with former pro and coach Heinz Gunthardt.

Check out that charmingly disheveled hair (Jim Halpert-esque?) after Fed serves a few balls. Watch him engage in "normal human contact" (the voice-over said it, not us) over lunch, even as camera-phone flashes surround him. ​​Listen to him speak in his native tongue about his dislike of sky diving, bungee jumping, spiders, and "other pests he can do without" (Rafael Nadal on clay courts?). "We've tried to give people as many opportunities as possible to meet me," he says (or is interpreted as saying) toward clip's end. That's our Fed. 

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