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You can simply give to the ALS Association—or you can take the Ice Bucket Challenge. I hope you will do both. The ongoing, all-too-real trend of dumping a container of icy water over one's head, or having it done to you, to raise awareness of the disease has certainly swept through the tennis world. (Don't expect that anyone's going to outdo Lady Gaga, though, who participates just as you'd expect.) Here's the latest roundup of players getting doused or doing themselves in, with the Spin's own performance ratings to boot:

Novak Djokovic: 5/5

Basically for the dance moves, but also because he nominates Michael Jordan to and Rowan "Mr. Bean" Atkinson to follow suit. Set to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby," sort of.

Ana Ivanovic: 3/5

Plus points for doing it in a sports bra but docking a couple for doing it a bit oddly in an alley.

Bernard Tomic: 5/5

The sometimes-troubled star pours a lot of ice water over himself, nominates Djokovic (who obviously honored the call), and performs the manuever in his underwear. Wow.

Milos Raonic: 5/5

The Canadian wins on a few levels here. He does it himself, it's a lot of splash, slow-motion video is involved, and he turns out the best hashtag related to the event: #ThatRuinedMyHair. Your move, Wayne Gretzky.

Grigor Dimitrov: 4/5

He earns style points for doing it in the ocean, plus his directive that Maria Sharapova should go next. (Darren Cahill, too.)

Tommy Haas: 2/5

He nominates a great lineup of athletic heroes, from Greg Norman and Bode Miller to his fellow German, Boris Becker, but the water dumping doesn't even involve his head. Boo.

Sloane Stephens: 5/5

While the likes of Haas don't even seem to have ice in their water, Sloane basically submits to an avalanche of that stuff. Kudos to Taylor Townsend for putting her to the test.

Nick Krygios: 1/5

While he names Gael Monfils for the Challenge (someone had to), the dainty way in which he undertakes the commitment is ultimately underwhelming. You'll see:

Caroline Wozniacki: 5/5

It's all about the scream, the closest she will ever really get to imitating Sharapova.

Laura Robson: 5/5

Though sadly out of action for most of this season due to injury, Robson takes part in a thoroughly entertaining dousing. Points for trembling/whimpering.

Victoria Azarenka: 3/5

It suffices, but we hoped for a fairly amiable coo as a result of the stress. Looking forward to what Joakim Noah's icy Challenge looks like, though, so thanks, Vika.

Chris Evert: 4/5

For talking a bit much ahead of the plunge but reacting amusingly to it. Plus, she singles out Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver to do the same—and whips off a Burberry trenchcoat in the first place, thus acquiescing to the matter at hand in style.

Gabriela Sabatini: 5/5

She looks great and nominates Juan Martin del Potro before covering herself in water. We lie in wait for Delpo's reply.

Who has performed your favorite famous or non-famous take on the Ice Bucket Challenge to date?

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