Posting Guidelines

GENERAL:'s blogs and forums are intended for people interested in tennis tournaments, matches and players to exchange views with each other in a friendly and civil way.


The guidelines below apply to all comments, and will be enforced by moderators and the site owners.


The guidelines are not meant to be exhaustive or legalistic, but are intended to promote an enjoyable experience for anyone visiting these sites, whether just as a reader, a first-time commentor, an occasional commentor or a regular poster.


CIVILITY: Please treat your fellow posters with respect and abstain from insulting, harassing, baiting, belittling or berating others.


Repartee, playfulness, sarcasm, fierce debate – all fine. Telling someone you disagree with them is fine. Telling someone they're stupid, infantile or a moron, or insinuating that they're an idiot, isn't. Take issue with a post, not the poster.


Harsh and ugly personal attacks are not allowed, whether it's on a person, a group of people, or a player. Gratuitous accusations of steroid or other performance enhancing drugs, belittling comments about national origins -- take them elsewhere.


Comments which express a genuine but possibly controversial point of view are okay. Honest comments which express dismay or unhappiness about a player's behavior, or about the outcome of a match, are fine. Comments intended solely or primarily to provoke or incite another poster or group of posters are not, especially if these form a consistent campaign against a player or a player's fans. The Moderator's decision on this is final.


Please don't be a language pedant. Lots of people writing comments don't use English as their first language, and we all make mistakes and typos.


All comments should be in English. A short phrase in other languages (""Davai!"" ""Ajde!"" ""Vamos"" ""C'est la vie"" etc) is acceptable, but longer comments in French, Russian, Swedish, Esperanto, or any language other than English, aren't.


PROFANITY AND HARSH LANGUAGE: Please refrain from profanity, whether spelled out or implied. Stuff happens, sure. S--- happens, nope.


Vulgar and sexually explicit language will not be tolerated.


Please don’t use racist epithets, or derogatory slang. This applies to descriptions of players as well as fellow posters, or the writer of an blog post.


BE YOURSELF: Posters are encouraged to use consistent handles or user names. Changing from time to time is fine -- for example, going from ""Bill, vamos Rafa!"" to ""Bill, vamos RG champion,"" no problem.


Commenting with lots of different user names is discouraged. Sock puppetting, or using different names to make it look like lots of people agree with you, is not allowed. Imitating another poster (using their user name or handle) is not allowed. Posting as a Moderator without the explicit authorization of site owners is strictly forbidden. Pretending to be a player, or media figure -- nope, don't go there. (Of course, if you actually are an ATP or WTA player, or media figure, we're happy to hear from you).


KEEP TO THE POINT: There are lots of other places on the Internet to discuss politics, Balkan history, other sports like baseball or basketball, and all kinds of interesting stuff. Asides, analogies, personal anecdotes that help keep the conversation going - these are fine. Hijacking or taking over a thread (for example, telling us why we should or shouldn't vote for candidate X) isn't.


Some posts (like the Deuce Club at TennisWorld) are specifically intended for general conversation and off topic chat, but mostly we're here for the tennis.


MODERATION: Moderators will work to keep comment threads within these guidelines. Moderators are impartial, and prefer a quiet life. If a comment you wrote is moderated, please accept this with good grace, like a close line call in a match you're playing. We will not discuss or debate how the site and comments on the site are handled publicly.


Moderator actions may include editing a comment, warning a commentor, issuing a general warning about a comment thread if there's a lot of unpleasantness, closing a thread (if things get out of hand), and withdrawing comment privileges from persistent or flagrant offenders.


If you want to discuss how an issue was handled, you can send an email to