by: Peter Bodo September 28, 2006


Just want you all to know I'm back. I'm talking to Todd Martin in a little while, just 'cause I kind of miss him these days. I'll post an update on what he's been up to. So it occurs to me, anybody else you guys want me to call and catch up with in the next few days/weeks, just to find out if, oh, they're happy. . . working. . .playing tennis. . .thinking about the past. . . etc. etc.? 

I can't promise anything, but it would be fun to touch base with some of these folks, don't you thnk? One of the sad realities of tennis - and a kind of karmic payback - for the kind of fame and money lavished on top players is how quickly they're forgotten when they retire, or even when their games slip. In that way, their generally soft life is a very hard life. Anyway, later, y'all.