Win an Armadillo!

by: Peter Bodo | September 14, 2006

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Well, well, we've had a pretty good go round in the comments for the last post, eh? A little thinking, a little gnashing of teeth, a little soul-searching. This, as the kids say, is all good, right? A few commentators shrewdly noted some apparent glitches in flow of the Wither Diversity post and while I don't want to cop out, I'm going to cop out: I was juggling a few balls when I wrote it, and I went back before posting it a final time to add the top material about Feinstein. I'll be posting more thoughts tomorrow on the tiresome, hackneyed chorus parroted by every 1970s dead-ender, sitting around in his maroon Member's Only jacket:  "We sure miss the days of McEnroe and Connors" Drop by, I think you'll enjoy it.

One final note on the last post: the heart of my theory taps sideways into a very astute comment on diversity posted by one Amylu. I'm convinced that tennis, by nature, shapes people, instead of people shaping tennis. It's got to do with the price of admission to, and success in, the game. Tennis players become first and foremost tennis people. That's great in some ways, but very conformist in others. 'Nuf said for now.

Armadillo_1 Now the really exciting news. Steggy, who's been suffering with an inner ear infection (and no, it's not from having to talk to me daily), tells me that we are rapidly approaching an amazing landmark: TennisWorld's 10,000th comment. We're going to celebrate this by presenting the lucky (or not) poster with a unique gift, a stuffed Armadillo (Sorry, Samantha , Momofan and other PETA supporters and vegetarians!).  Steggy is already scouring the pawn shops of Tejas to find one.

Hopefully, she'll be posting an update, or even a picture, soon. I'm off to a dinner with some serious conservationists who are trying to figure out a strategy for dealing with an incredible, heartbreaking threat to wildlife on the Rocky Mountain Front  - indiscriminate drilling for natural gas in Wyoming. See you all tomorrow.

(Actual Prize may vary from poorly Photoshopped photograph)

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