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by: Peter Bodo December 11, 2006

Results 12/4 - 12/10


Upcoming Exhibitions/Clinics 12/11 - 12-17

  • Bryan Bros. Clinic - 12/14 - Louisville, TN - Louisville Centre Court Racuet Club (weeklong series of events)



  • 12/11 MS Rome Classics 2001 Ferrero vs. Kuerten 8AM EST
  • 12/13 MS Madrid Classics Lopez vs. Agassi 7AM EST
  • 12/13 FC Classics 1999 V. Williams vs. Dementieva 2PM EST
  • 12/14 King's Cup 2006 Coria vs. Ferrer 9AM EST
  • 12/14 FC Classics 1998 Seles vs. Martinez 2PM EST
  • 12/15 FC Classics 2000 Dokic vs. Kournikova 2PM EST
  • 12/16 DC Classics 1989 Becker vs. Edberg 12PM EST

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Tribe Notes

Strange quiet among the Tribe this weekend -- Management suggests root cause was OT paranoia; problem solved after football and Bond (go figure). Steggy is down with gastroenteritis, courtesy of the Burger King near Tanglewilde/Westheimer. Avoid the mayonnaise -- it will eat your soul. Sanja, where the heck ARE you? Tournament attendee report this week is coming from Rosangel. Found! -- Yet another strange tribe similarity: love of holiday processed beef and cheesefood. Mmy finished her grading, at long last, and is resting now (hopefully with plenty of nachos and beer).

Steggy wishes to remind everyone who hasn't already to please email her if you have any interest in attending the Pacific Life Open (aka Indian Wells) this year. Rumor has it that Cowboy Luke lives on a diet of Pasta with butter plus assorted veggies. *shrug* Beats the crap out of TV Dinners -- the half-burnt/half frozen brownie, the corn, the cubed carrots in a lovely aluminum tray -- if you're asking Tribe Notes.. Favorite Tribe Bond appears to be a tie between Craig and Connery.


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Year after Slam bid at U.S. Open, Serena Williams eyes No. 23, No. 1

''One thing I learned about last year is to enjoy the moment,'' Williams said. 

Tri-State Tennis Tour: As Forest Hills embraces its past with WTT Finals, Flushing Meadows put the U.S. Open’s future on display

Ryan Harrison won at both venues, earning a spot in the Open’s main draw and clinching a title for San Diego.

San Diego Aviators win first World TeamTennis title

Ryan Harrison clinched the championship against the Orange County Breakers in Forest Hills.