Suicide, Again.

by: Peter Bodo | June 22, 2007

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Hi, everyone. Talk About Tennis will once again host a special TennisWorld division in its popular Suicide Pool game for Wimbledon. TAT's Fabulous Mariya sent me a reminder, for those wishing to play (again). Newbies are, of course, welcome. Ptenisnet is once again running the show for TW. Due to heavy traffic and frequent postings from Wimbledon once I arrive for Week 2, we will be running fewer full-post updates, but you will be able to link to one.  Here are some things to keep in mind:Tat_sp_icon

To play the Suicide Pool, you need to be registered as a TAT member.  If you have not yet registered, registration is free and quick!  Just go to TAT.

How to participate in the TW division of the contest:

The rules are the same as for the French Open SP, but this time, we will strictly adhere to them, so make sure to re-read even if you played last time.  They are the following:

1) To enter, you must include the letters "TW" in your first pick posts. If you are participating in both pools (men and women), you must include "TW" in both the Men's and Women's Day 1 picks posts.

2)  If your screen-name on TAT is different from the name you use at TennisWorld, you must include your TennisWorld name. 

So, your first -day pick will look like this: Kristof Vliegen    TW, mmmm8

(it will help the site administrators to leave some white space between your pick for the day and ID as Tribe member) 

3) Include "TW" (and, if applicable, your TW name) only in your Day 1 picks.  You do not need to add the letters for the remaining days

4) If you have questions about the Suicide Pool, you can ask them at TAT, in this thread:

Make sure to read the description of how the SP is played first, here:

5) If you have questions about the TW part of the contest, you can send a message to mmmm8 through TAT's Private Message system.

And make sure you get those picks in before the start of play on Day 1 (Monday).

Stay tuned for news on Andrew's Picks Game, which will happen again starting with the Round of 32.

A word about prizes: I am still selecting the token gifts winners are to receive, but it's a busy time and I haven't selected them yet. I have all your names and addresses, though, so please be patient.

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