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Thursday, July 26, 2007 /by

Hi all  Hope you've enjoyed another fun week of watching tennis, or in my case, quietly cursing Comcast and surfing for results.

Rosangel sent us this lovely summery photo; now you can all puzzle over whether or not you saw her in the stands at Stuttgart.  And no, she hasn't dyed her hair-it just looks redder in the sun. Speaking of spotting Tribe members at tournaments:  don't forget to keep me posted on what you'll be attending this summer.  So far I have only a few names, but I'll be compiling them and posting rosters before the tournaments. Rosangel6_2 

And as we roll along towards the US Open, we thought it would be nice to start a Tribe conversation with everyone's tips and thoughts about attending the Open. In particular, we have a set of queries from new Tribe member Audrey (alias oh_aud), who lives Down Under. She wrote us:

I am based in Sydney, and I must say the tennis scene here isn't very exciting, so its great reading all your commentary during and after tournaments, its also  helped me deal with losses of my fave players much better!

I was actually hoping for some advice as i'm planning on going to the US Open for the first time this year, but I haven't booked accommodation yet or my tickets to the tournament, and wanted to know if you think that it would be an issue if I got the tickets the week before (as in will they still be available), as I arrive in LA on the the 22nd August, and won't be in New York til the 28th August. 

I'm after probably 3 days of ground passes and 2 night sessions (hopefully to see Roger play),also if you have any ideas where would be convenient to stay in New York, that is central, not too expensive, and easy to get around, as I'll be traveling there on my own (die-hard tennis fan that I am).  I was considering the YMCA Vanderbilt which is 3 blocks from 42nd street, what do you think?

Hopefully I'm not asking too much, and I can definitely return the favor for you or any of your readers, if you ever need help/advice with Oz Open bookings or finding out about tournaments in Australia
(not that there are many).  Cheers!

You can respond to Audrey in the comments section, or once she comments, via her email. Other US Open advice welcomed as well.  I was warned  last week that I may not be able to bring in a huge
water bottle-which I assume means that I'll have to buy slightly overpriced drinks on the grounds, not a
big surprise.  Any other ideas on how I can beat the heat at the Open?  Small battery-operated fans?
Ridiculously large hats?

--- Heidi

[Heidi - I think Audrey should kidnap TW Sydney bureau chief Lucy and force her to come to New York with you - most of are staying at Ptenisnet's house for the two weeks anyway, right? - PB]

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