USO Crisis Center, Day 5 (8.31)

by: Peter Bodo August 31, 2007

Mornin'. Blogging will be light today, because I am taking my lovely wife, Lisa, to the US Open, where we are guests in the USTA President's Suite. You know, that place to the left of the chair umpire, at the north baseline, where they usually stick personages, past champions, celebrities, and any other folks who were invited to the box that day.Rafa

The P-Suite is a little bit like a giant luxury box, with a large private dining room where they serve a fine lunch. All the box seats from that luxury-box level down to the court are controlled by the USTA, so when you get invited to the P-Suite, you get your choice of one of those great seats (to me, the ideal seat for watching tennis is from at least 25 feet back from and above the middle of the baseline).

I may be able to jump on the site in the early evening, but tonight is also our TW Tribe gathering in Manhattan, about which I'll report tomorrow. Mixing work and pleasure is always tough; it's not really fair to leave Lisa alone on the one day she actually goes out to watch tennis (and enjoy a bit of pampering of the PP-Suite kind, like a glass of nice wine with lunch), but at the same time I'm always thinking, "Well, maybe I can slip away and run down to the interview room to see what Novak Djokovic thinks of the upcoming Federer vs. Isner match. . . "

This is your match-calling post for the day, and feel free to discuss all things tennis and US Open related. The "Kan Do" post below is the place to give Hyung-Taik Lee a little love. Don't be bashful. If you want to go OT, the most recent Deuce Club post (very nice job, Heidi) will be the place to hang out. However, I know some of our most ardent and entertaining OT contributors, including Tari and Mrs. Santa, will be at the US today. Enjoy the matches!

I'm putting up a picture of Rafael Nadal here because I'm concerned that with his knee issues, he may not be long for this tournament - which, as The MIghty Fed might say, would be a pity.

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