USO Crisis Center, Day 9 (9.4)

by: Peter Bodo | September 04, 2007

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In my post of last night,  I neglected to mention Tommy Haas's reaction when he was told how James Blake cited him as a source of inspiration and comfort, because of the hardships Haas has endured (multiple surgeries) in his successsful attempt to remain a pro tennis player despite having had some formidable physical problems.

About an hour after Blake made those comments, Haas was informed of them. He saidL  "I appreciate his comments on on that, obviously. . . It's a great compliment. You know I'm the same about him. I mean, what he has done after his comeback, as well - it's phenomenal. Both of us playing at this level again, playing in front of an unbelievable crowd. I mean, it's as good as it gets for us. I know one of us had to lose today, but I think we can both be very proud of what we've achieved after going through something many people can't imagine."

If you check the picture at the top of the previous plost (Blake's Fatal Flaw) you'll see a photo taken in the middle of that fantastic point late in the match, which Haas won with his second backhand, topspin lob of the point. I just looked at my match notes and they say, of that point: Rain Delay Material. 'Nuf said.

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